Player of the Season


It’s that time of the season when Soccer Laduma’s readers get to vote for the Soccer Laduma Readers' Player of the Season! As always the Soccer Laduma editorial team has had heated debates to decide which 20 players should be put forward to the readers for voting and now we present you with the list of players we feel qualify and have done enough to be put in front of you to choose your player of the season from.

How The Voting Works:

There will be three rounds of voting.

1. After each round there will be a cut based on which players have the least votes.

2. Ten Players will be cut in round One!

3. In each round of voting you will have six votes to cast - one vote per day. You can use all six votes on the same player or spread the love and vote for different players.

4 You must be registered on the Soccer Laduma site to cast a vote.

5. Voting will begin at 06h00 every Wednesday morning. The voting page will be visible to all up until 10h00 on a Monday. At 10h00 the scores will be hidden, but you will be able to continue voting until 13h00. At 13h00 we will look at the scores and make the cuts for those players with the least votes.

6. At the start of each new round of voting, the voting scores of the players will be reset to zero so everyone starts evenly again.

Total votes cast: 3312
There are no active competitions. Please check back soon.

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