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Club GM Trade Blows With Club Goal Keeper

Developing Story: Sharks FC GM, Kpaluku Trades Blow with Isah Danladi

By SL10 - Feb 26, 2015 07:57 AM

Reports reaching at this point confirm that the General Manager of Sharks FC, Okey Kpaluku and the club's first choice goal keeper, Isah Danladi engaged is a serious fight on Wednesday evening. 

Efforts by SL10 to get comments from Sharks FC GM, Okey Kpakulu wasn't successful in an effort to reach him on the phone but on the other side, we were able to speak to the club's first choice goal keeper, Isah Danladi.

According to Isah Danladi who is a free agent and has shown his interest to leave the club, it looks like the General Manager of the Blue Angels, Okey Kpakulu isn't ready to let go.

"Other clubs are interested in me and in an effort to make a choice move I realized that Mr Kpakulu wants more from me. He demanded some cash from me, yet he insisted that I should state my destination even when I'm a free agent," Danladi told on the phone. 

"That didn't go down well with me, Okey Kpakulu tore the letter because I stood my ground, I’ve got the right as a free agent not to disclose my next destination and in the process he raised his hand at me and he tore my shirt. Sharks FC owes me yet the GM, Okey Kpakulu doesn't want to hand over my clearance," Danladi informed. 

A lawyer, Amobi Ezeaku who had voluntarily decided to help the player out said this is a regular scenario in the Nigerian League. 

"This is a regular scenario in the Nigerian League, it is a very bad situation and we must all fight to put an end to this unprofessional act. 

"As far as the Nigerian League is concerned, the contracts that players get into are never stable. If he entered into a contract with Sharks on a stable ground this situation wouldn't have occurred. He entered into a contract with Sharks that they will pay him an amount of money every month which Sharks FC didn’t.”

"Why is Sharks insisting on holding back Isah Danladi's clearance?  As a free agent Isah Danladi has the right to go anywhere he chooses to. So why is the GM asking the player for some money? Why would a professional footballer beg for his own wages to be paid, remember he work for it, “said Amobi Ezeaku. will make more effort to get the views of Sharks FC GM, Okey Kpakulu. 




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