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Q & A With Adule Charity

Foreign Legion: SL10 Sits Down With Adule Charity

By SL10 - Jun 12, 2014 10:30 AM
SL10 caught up with Biik Ladies predator Adule Charity from her base in Kazakhstan, where she revealed her progress, the past moments, the Super Falcons and some other issues.
Adule, 20, told SL10 she thinks Biik Ladies could get better, by retaining the Kazari Women Premier League, winning the FA Cup and also qualify for the UEFA Women Champions League.
SL10: So far you have netted 16 goal in 10 matches. Last season you accounted for 22 goals. What are your targets?
Adule: My targets are numerous: to fire my team to another Women's Champions League, win a League double and also emerge as the top scorer.
SL10: So, that means you are also eyeing the top scorers' award too?
Adule: Why not....Last year I arrived here during mid season, so I couldn't meet up. But this campaign, I believe by the special grace of God I will be the top scorer of the season, because I can say I'm doing really great in the team.
SL10: Who is the toughest defender you clashed with during your stint in Nigeria?
Adule: I won't say I have not faced any tough defender before but I think Rivers Angels' Josephine Chukwunonye stands tall due to her uncompromising game. She has what it takes to be the best.
SL10: Who is your best friend in Kazakhstan?
Adule: Ulya, our team captain.
SL10: Can you recall the most memorable match you played during your time in Nigeria?
Adule: The memorable match which I won't forget was played in 2006, between Rivers Angels and Pelican Stars. It was the annual Super 4 Tournament held in Abuja.
SL10: Why?
Adule: It was my first experience of playing the Professional League. I never expected that I will perform without fear. I was one of the hottest properties in the domestic scene then.
SL10: Did you score?
Adule: Smiles.....Yes I netted the only goal and we placed 3rd. It was a great moment for me.
SL10: Who is your role model?
Adule: In women football, it's Marta of Brazil. As for the opposite sex, I admire Cristiano Ronaldo's game.
SL10: Which club do you support?
Adule: Chelsea.
SL10: The Super Falcons won 12-1 on aggregate against Rwanda in the final round of the 2014 African Women Championship Qualifier, what are your thoughts?
Adule: We are good to go. We would make our fans proud when hostilities begin in Nambia.
SL10: As a young player, do you still harbour hope of being invited to the team.
Adule: Yes, I strongly believe in God. With Him all things are possible.
SL10: And your future plans, which team do you want to play for in future?
Adule: For now I can't say. God has the final say in my life. I believe the Almighty God who made me to be here today will take me to the final place He made for me. Everything in life is all about the favour of God, I believe with His favour upon me, I will go far.
SL10: Do you think Falcons can win the African Women Championship?
Adule: By His grace and mercy we can accomplish our objective in Namibia.



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