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EXCLUSIVE: Speaks To Leke James

Interview With Leke James

By SL10 - Sep 29, 2014 03:14 PM

Virtually unknown in Nigeria but slowly making a name for himself in Norway, caught up with 21-year-old Aaselund forward Leke James, who spoke on his surprise move to the Norway’s top league and his next career move after he revealed the club blocked his move away this summer.

SL10:You were not heard off in Nigeria before your move to Norway,give us an insight  on how you secured a deal with Aaselund in Norway?

LEKE:I never played professional football in Nigeria, I got spotted by an agent who took me to Norway in 2011 and Aaselund offered me a deal after a two week trial but I returned in 2012 to start playing.

SL10:Who motivated you into playing football?

LEKE:Honestly I motivated myself, I was fired up from the get go to make it professionally as a footballer.

SL10:What’s the best advice, you’ve ever given yourself?

LEKE:I am not one who settles for less, when more can be achieved. I have always said to myself I can do better with God by my side.

SL10:Who is your role model in Football?

LEKE:The best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo, in my eyes there no one like him and I pray to emulate or even surpass his achievement as a footballer.

SL10:Which league and Club do you wish to play for?

LEKE:I would love to one day play in the English premier league for Manchester United, that’s my dream to follow in the footsteps of my role model.

SL10:Norway is usually a stepping stone for Nigerian players, do you have any plans of leaving?

LEKE:By the grace of God I won’t spend more than this year in Norway, I am hoping for the best at the end of this season.

SL10:Any offer yet from any big club or league?

LEKE:Yes but the club blocked my exit because they already sold my strike partner.

SL10: Do you think playing in Norway has affected your chances in the National team?

LEKE:No, I just feel it’s not yet God’s time. If am called up I know I have a lot to contribute.

SL10:  In your first full season, which was the last time you reached double figures in terms of goals scored, what is your aim this season.

LEKE: Already I have six this season, we are not doing too well as a team but I hope to surpass my last season tally of 10 goals by the grace of God.

SL10:Thanks for talking with us.

LEKE:You welcome.

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