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6 days ago in FanParkUpdate

thabanakhosi commented on " Rising Star Mbappe's Crazy Lifestyle! "


Editor the crazy thing I see here is you

8 days ago in News

thabanakhosi commented on "Jeremy Brockie Was The Subject Of A Kaizer Chiefs Enquiry"


@mbuco2 spot on mate Brockie is box striker while Grobler moves around and make things happen. Big box strikers don't make it at Chiefs

14 days ago in News

thabanakhosi commented on "Three More Candidates Linked To Cape Town City"


Editor no other picture of Krol that you can use? Or it's just intentionally hurting my neighboring

15 days ago in News

thabanakhosi commented on "Eric Tinkler Resigns As Cape Town City Coach"


Good luck Tinkler at Supersport you will grow ,they buy good players and one of few teams that are very patience when it comes to coaches .

17 days ago in News

thabanakhosi commented on "Bafana Captain Announced "


You should have swallow your pride call Nthete and give him the armband play him along side Tyson let Tyson learn is what transpired between Radebe and Tovey

17 days ago in News

thabanakhosi commented on "Bafana Captain Announced "


Baxter you have been too long in this country to understand the country s culture. The Bafana captain should go to someone who plays under pressure week in week out. Come Saturday after the match Tyson will be broken cause Nigeria is going to hammer you then the criticism will direct to you and the captain

about 1 month ago in Match Comments

Nhlpato mentioned thabanakhosi in: Match


@khosiological is hurt @go khosi go aka banned lwandle is hurt @phazamisa is hut @Vongani is hurt @hlasela is hurt @waliphefeni is hurt @kzorog is hurt @Xolisa is hurt @thabanakhosi is hut @malakza is hurt kikikiki cos thy r officially trophyless kikikiki #kaizer chimpanzees a starless n SUPERCUPLESS team r already in preseason kikikiki

about 1 month ago in News Comments

Nhlpato mentioned thabanakhosi in: Brilliant Khuzwayo Is Recovering Well For Kaizer Chiefs


Cowditor go ask chimpanzees like @khosiological aka Olerilwe aka mosiane @kzorog @phazamisa @banned lwandle aka go khosi go @hlasela @Vongani @mix aka end @thabanakhosi @Salimbana @khosinamanje @Xolisa @lurh yender wat happen to the double thy said thyl win n wat happen to the statement nywe nywe nywe cowsi WIL never go two seasons trophyless ask them cos thy wer peperezin the wole season telling us bout trebles n doubles n now thy r hurting at hurtfontein hospital kikikiki kikikiki #kaizer chimpanzees r officially trophyless

about 1 month ago in News Comments

Nhlpato mentioned thabanakhosi in: Kaizer Motaung Reaffirms SL’s Chiefs Transfer Feature


Chimpanzees like @khosiological aka Olerilwe aka mosiane @mix aka end to end @hlasela @thabanakhosi @kzorog @Vongani @malakza @Salimbana @banned lwandle aka phazamisa aka go khosi go r hurting cos thy r OFFICIALLY TROPHYLESS HEHEHEHE HEHEHEHE #kaizer chimpanzees r useless wen it comes to continental challenge said Baxter Hehehehe

about 1 month ago in News

thabanakhosi commented on "Siyabonga Nkosi Explains Chiefs' Struggles This Season"


I complained about the left back I was told I am plastic fan here



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