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1 day ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Itumeleng Khune Made More Saves Than Any Other Absa Premiership Goalkeeper"


Tignyem has stats thats better than anyone else with a thin defence,nogal.and he should be named the best keeper of the season!well I see everybody bringing flimsy stats to promote who should walk-away with golden gloves and decided to follow suit,why shouldnt i?

1 day ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Potential Tug Of War Looms For Outgoing Stars Defender "


Don't upset wits now because you need to do some serious business with them.we need motshwari or ntshangase and you bite their hand before they even feeds you?strength CD,CM and RB asap!if you got this guy legitimately,then fine.but you've to sell 2 of other left can't have 4 of the country's best left backs in one team,impossible!

4 days ago in FanParkUpdate

realjoe75 commented on " Why R5m Will Be Overpaying For Rusike"


His value is what maritzburg ask for,and pirates should just pay!this dude is what pirates need right now.also the central mid-field(Ben motshwari or ntshangase(wits),Cole Alexander(SSU),Aubakar(leopard s) needs to be beefed up with pacey players,same with right back(nazeer allie(wits)or de jong p/stars).only then we could've a balance team.wingers not bad but jaantji(fss)and mahlasela(Celtic)could add value or something we lack right for goalkeeping, shaib naicker is too good for second tier league.

4 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Some Players Will Leave Orlando Pirates "


In...(goalkeeper)shaib naicker (Defenders).de jong(p/stars),justice chabalala(re-call), Mid-field..Cole Alexander(SSU) Ben motshwari/or ntshangase(wits) Aubakar(leopards),jali(if available break in whichever bank to get him) Strikers..rusike(maritzburg a must not option)brockie(ssu,an option not must), OUT..okwuoso,mkondolela,motupa ,nyauza,gabuza(if rusike bought) Loan..jaftha,maselaelo,Nkosi

5 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Orlando Pirates Likely To Part Ways With Midfielder "


As long as kutumela & japhta(future pirates stars in the making) stays I'm the way who this dude's name again?but then again who cares!

5 days ago in SupporterClubUpdate

realjoe75 commented on "Which Bucs Players Would Make Their Best Central Defensive Combo Of The PSL Era?"


Fish & G guy roger nzeng!

5 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Real Star: Messi Wouldn't Fit In Our Team"


He didnt put it that way,did he?but yep there is contrast in style of play between Madrid and barca,and messi may be influential in barca system but that does mean he would be at Madrid.after all what may be sauce for the gander might not be the sauce for the geese!

5 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Do Kaizer Chiefs Need Jeremy Brockie?"


He's middle-east bound!he may not admit it now but his beard says it can a kiwi leave his beard grow so big so much so that there aren't anymore left in his inner skin,in country that don't take kind to beards?already he not only wanna out score the mohumands with goals but with beards size too,in their own country!what the space...

11 days ago in Get Published

realjoe75 commented on @Mxoh's "“Zwane Better Than Doc and Shoes?” – Reader’s Voice" Get Published article.


He's better than doc yeah, that's for sure but shoes was something else!given the speed at which football is played this period in time doc was gonna battle, wonder he never made it in big boys leagues globally despite his great respect locally.



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