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6 days ago in News commented on "Khune Praises 'Magnificent' Chiefs Supporters"

Khune is on of chiefs players and he was doing his job together with all players. So people dont pinpoint him as if was picked somewhere for one day to help poor sinking team. He will always be there. Yesterday I commented responding to Bennie's attitude towards chiefs, Coach you now swallowed your words. You don't bet by beating chiefs and now think you know.

7 days ago in News commented on "Benni McCarthy On Kaizer Chiefs: There’s No Fuss, It’s Three Points"

Bennie you don't bet for a win to chiefs. Yes they are week but don't be so sure because you can swallow your words believe me.

7 days ago in News commented on "Kaizer Chiefs Have A Bit Of A Defensive Crisis"

Ukuthi ubani ongekho noma okhona syayifuna iwin other wise usazogijima wena Khompela.You brought this to yourself. Angithi nina no Bobby iyadayisa kuphela anithengi so face the music on that bench while Bobby is on the stands hiding.

15 days ago in News commented on "Bobby Motaung Thinks Kaizer Chiefs Can Win The League"

Bobby might be insane but the question is where is Mr Motaung snr from all this madness? All this farmily is in a mission we don't know. We only get excited when the team wins but money goes to their pockets anyway so lets play wait and see game as supporters surely we are not important to their farmily buseness. If they were willing to listen they would have acted by now, so i will let busness people run their bussnes as they wish.

20 days ago in News commented on "Kaizer Chiefs Have Made An Enquiry About Lebogang Manyama"

Chiefs buying who???? Manyama!!! Somebody is dreaming here.Chiefs lost to Baroka about Ntshangase, Manyama is not on chiefs league. Forget!!! Nistsheli nganekwane nje emini la.

25 days ago in News commented on "Komphela Explains Why Gordinho Was Taken Off For Cardoso"

Ubungeke nje ukhiphe lendodana yakho uMaluleka he has become useless. Akamaki nje lpmuntu. Kulegame wayehambela eduze no refree plz check the replay of the match and note this guy. Wayezihambelanje. Ngangimphikela lo.maluleka ngimbone kahle this tym around

about 1 month ago in News commented on "Komphela Blames Pitch For Dropped Points "

I hope supersport game is final for komphela as coach. Where are the new signings realy because the same players had the same problems last season yet they are still playing.

about 1 month ago in News commented on "Baroka Confirm Chiefs Club Legend As New Technical Director"

Wow! I can't believe this. Whats going on in Naturena people? Something is not right here.

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about 1 month ago in Express Yourself wrote an express yourself article: "chiefs on signing average players"

about 1 month ago in News commented on "Kaizer Chiefs Could Use Lebese Money To Sign Ntshangase"

Komphela got a nerves to say he can,t buy expensive players so ndoda! Its time for delivery. Don't let Bobby's propaganda get to your head because wena uzogijima soon. You are just an employee there.



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