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about 8 hours ago in News

Nastradumas commented on "Philani Zulu Is Moving To Kaizer Chiefs"


Another dead wood as usual, pouncing on free agents we go as far as signing players who are out of contracts at small clubs. Sies disgusting yet we expect the coach to challenge for honours.

3 days ago in Match

Nastradumas commented on "Germany vs. Cameroon - Confederations Cup Round 1 (Sun, 25 Jun, 17:00)"


As always the Africans fall victims to unpleasant events even with this VAR system. Against Australia they conceeded. a soft penalty yesterday a not so convincing red card.

4 days ago in Match

Nastradumas commented on "SuperSport United vs. Orlando Pirates - Nedbank Cup (Sat, 24 Jun, 20:15)"


Tjo this is bad mos Pirats have a knack of conceeding an avalanche of goals against Supersport. After promising start they go an loose with 4 goals to 1. Shame.

4 days ago in News

Nastradumas commented on "Nedbank Cup Final Starting XI: SuperSport United v Orlando Pirates 24 June 2017"


Issa Sarr he still manage to be in the starting XI hmm shame on Pirates FC this is one player who doesn't improve with more then 60 appearances he still can't play football.

6 days ago in Match

Nastradumas commented on "Cameroon vs. Australia - FIFA Confederations Cup (Thu, 22 Jun, 17:00)"


Ai this penalty call I am not so sure about it. The guy was already falling down and left a trailing leg. I am critical of it.

8 days ago in News

Nastradumas commented on "Vitoria de Guimaraes Have Received A Big Offer For Bongani Zungu"


These English Championship sides got a nerve, Rantie once played for Bournemoth and they tossed him out once they gained promotion. He must remain in Portugal atleast his playing in a top tier. He is already doing big things he is not starting out.

10 days ago in Match

Nastradumas commented on "Cameroon vs. Chile - Confederations Cup Round 1 (Sun, 18 Jun, 20:00)"


Cameroon never came to the party they sat too deep from the start. I alwways wonder what is hoped to be achieved when a team decides to defend from on set and they were too slow to counter the Chileans. They gave them too much respect.

10 days ago in Match

Nastradumas commented on "Portugal vs. Mexico - FIFA Confederations Cup (Sun, 18 Jun, 17:00)"


Wow @Queresma is still around tjo I thought he got lost in the bushes.

11 days ago in TransferUpdate

Nastradumas commented:


Why is Steve busy looking for defenders we need fire power ufront we have enough defenders. The team only lacks sharp shooters and midfielders.

11 days ago in News Comments

OB13 mentioned Nastradumas in: Real Star: Messi Wouldn't Fit In Our Team


@Nastradumas nice ones never looked at it that way and it's true, Kwaaaaaaks



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