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11 days ago in News

NHLAPOLF commented on "Premier Soccer League Awards"


What a wonderful series of goals Shabba scored this season. He deserved the award. His execusion was out of this world. This Kaizer Chiefs player is a scorer of great goals.

about 1 month ago in Match

NHLAPOLF commented on "Nigeria vs. South Africa - AFCON Qualifiers (Sat, 10 Jun, 18:00)"


@Ngwende, it's people like you who are pathetically uneducated and backward who makes me sick. Sober up. Congratulate the team. Rantie scored and He is not a Dunusa player. Khune kept a clean sheet and He has never been to Sundowns. Now Pitso must take the credit? Pitso failed himself at Bafana. These are South African players. Baxter managed them to this victory and nothing else. A Wits player was there, Chiefs players were there, Sundowns players were there. Go worship Pitso at your offices

3 months ago in ExpressYourself Comments

Zax5-Bucs mentioned NHLAPOLF in: Why Idiots discredited DuNu success but rise for their 80s robbery?


@NHLAPOLF I knew with this post i will unretire some old idiots, with full of bhabhalaza carry empty bottles to nearest shebeen. My donkey i can't even count how many cups you've won via dubious decisions from the ref, you talk about five penalties, were all awarded to dUnU my frog? You talk about playing against nine man Mar-United were these players not redcarded for bad fouls? Where were you when Zwane pull a world class save without gloves? My cow your ex-coach said ''There was no ways Chiefs could lose the final, nomatter how good you are, Chiefs are guarantee a cup'' so dont you see your useless team is just a fake?

3 months ago in ExpressYourself

NHLAPOLF commented on "I see a llitle difference between the backdoor entrance and brown envelope success, atleast dUnU didn't bribe and there were no dubius decisions. Zebra are fake qha."


How do you know for sure that Zebras bribed? Sundowns beat Ajax in a game that involved 5 penalties and went on to win the league. Do you see Chiefs fans crying everyday like you do? Pirates played against 9 Maritzburg players. Do you see Chiefs fans in tears? Being a Minority is a disgrace. Being Uneducated is unfortunate because you can't comprehensively look at things. You play victim like Pitso. Your mindset is already preoccupied with barbarism.

3 months ago in News

NHLAPOLF commented on "SAFA Has Rescinded Limbi Mzava's Recent Yellow Card"


@fisto vs zebraditor, your fear for Amakhosi is very severe and traumatizing. You're so paranoid by the biggest team in the country. Nobody can help your low self-esteem. You're the minority and very inferior.

4 months ago in Match Comments

dennis-mhb-khosi mentioned NHLAPOLF in: Match


@khosiological I saw de likes of @liesbeck @ntwadumela @sir afrozilla @kokodoublechamp @mighty mapunyela and @nhlapolf are still alive

4 months ago in News

NHLAPOLF commented on "Pitso: Maybe The Own Goal Was The Only Way Chiefs Could Beat Us"


This time they don't have a referee to blame. This is a tendency of every team against Chiefs. Chiefs is huge.

7 months ago in ExpressYourself Comments

Mr-Brown-envelope mentioned NHLAPOLF in: Zmvuyo is an accredited bootyshaker.


Lol cowsi lam you have been the most consistent ess licker, unfortunately those who opened their ess wide with both hands for you to muff are no more on E.Y. @Errorzkc, @FHD, @Magweni, @Tawanda, @Memphis-Bleek, @sir-trector, even fire cracks had to tell you to go lick ess somewhere else, thats when you ran to @Nhlapolf's navy ess. You didn't give him any chance to breath and he could not take the licking and vanished. To prove that they have had enough, they did show up when you were still on your imaginary retirement from E.Y when you came back they vanished again. Even @luvnpanty had to disappear for a while whith his shwabba ess until you found someone else to keep you busy. You have no match cowsi lam.



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